Go Help has initiated various fundraising events, specifically charity rallies to fund sustainable health and education projects across Central Asia.  Its two major fundraising events are the Mongolia Charity Rally, which has been operational since 2007 and the Roof of the World Rally to Tajikistan, which has been running since 2008. The Mongolia Charity Rally involves teams driving from Central London to Ulaanbaatar by any route they choose. The length of the drive is approximately 10,000 miles, and takes around 30 days. Teams are required to raise a minimum of £1,000 to support Go Help projects in Mongolia.

What is Charity Rallies?

Charity Rallies is the branch of Go Help which fundraises for charitable projects by challenging people to undertake incredible adventures. Charity Rallies currently includes the Mongolian Charity Rally and the Roof of the World Rally. The workers at Go Help are almost all volunteers and most are past ralliers.  As part of Go Help, enterprising ralliers have pioneered and trialled a number of other projects in recent years, including an ambulance to Nepal and tuk-tuks through the Cambodian jungles.  There are always new and great ideas in the pipeline but we are often short of the dedicated manpower to churn out new adventures.  We are always keen for more volunteers on just about every front, so if you have an interest which extends beyond being a participant in our events feel free to get in touch!