Welcome to Go-Helps newest adventure and fundraising event.


The relay rally is completely different from our two main fundraising events (the Mongolia and Roof of the World rallies). It takes on a different form, instead of going from A to B and incorperating many teams and cars we have just one car: a Bulgarian copy of the classic Rover Meastro! In true relay style it will be handed from one team to another to another and with a bit of luck will make it around the world once or twice doing a lot of good along the way.

The idea is for different teams to take part picking up the car from where the last team have left it and taking it somewhere new whilst raising funds for Go Help and a local charity of the teams choice. This is a one of a kind adventure and is, in charity rallies style, truly charitable.

The car has been donated by one of the 2011 Roof of the World teams, after completing an epic drive from the UK up to the arctic circle and back last year it’s now part of the rally to Tajikistan and will then be picked up by another fellow rallier and driven on to Mongolia. From that point it’s up to the next team to decide where she goes…

 It’s a Bulgarian Meastro, LHD, 1300 manual.

If you are interested in taking part were on the look out for someone to take the car on from Mongolia some time after september, where you take it is up to you but if your interested get in touch.

Whats the rules??

Well you need to raise a minimum amount for Go Help and raise funds for a local charity at your destination as well we need you to take care of the car and some financial contribution to this will be needed the amounts are dependent on how long and how far you want to take the car!


For more information or to grab a place email: