Launch of the Mongolia Charity Rally and Roof of the World Rally


The annual launch and sending off of the intrepid teams taking part in Go Help’s Mongolia and Roof of the World Rally took place on the morning of Saturday 7th July from Woburn Safari Park.  The teams came from all over the UK and Europe for the launch and the British weather was kind enough to hold off raining for most of the event!  When teams rolled through the launch arch it signified the beginning of a massive journey that will take them across Europe and the steppes of Asia before they finally roll up to the finish line in either Dushanbe, Tajikistan or Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  All the teams have been preparing throughout the year and overcoming numerous hurdles to get ready to launch and Go Help would like to salute their endeavours.  On the morning teams were interviewed and filmed, collected up their team stash of stickers and t-shirts and then did a convoy through the safari park.  Guest speaker David Treanor (Author of Mission to Mongolia) gave the teams some last minute advice from his adventures.   Some of the highlights of the morning included the Yeeeeah Buggy team with their home made open air dune buggy, a unique vehicle, powered by a Porsche engine that’s bound to get everybody looking and marvelling from here to Mongolia.  We were also thrilled to finally get to see the Dental Express vehicle –theirs is a custom mobile dentist’s clinic being driven by Alex and Reinhard Steiner, a father and son team who also happen to be dentists.  Their vehicle is going to be used by Dentists Without Limits Foundation when it arrives into Mongolia and will be part of Go Help’s ambulance project. To all teams, we wish them the best of luck and safe travels.  Thanks to Woburn Safari Park for welcoming the teams and helping us put the event together as well as all volunteers who helped on the day and AFS Haulage. We’d also like to thank Real Russia who have played no small part in helping teams organise their visas this year and helping them get through what can sometimes seem a daunting process.  Check out below a selection of photos of the launch.  For news of the teams and their adventures don’t forget to keep an eye on the charity rallies homepage to view updates as they come in from the road!  

Press Release – Donated Ambulance Used to Rescue Prisoners Injured in Comayagua fire

Team and Hospital Staff at Comayagua


Last summer a group of volunteers from UK charity Go Help, drove a donated ambulance from San Diego to Comayagua, Honduras and gave it to the city hospital. This ambulance has been used to save the lives of prisoners burnt and injured by the huge prison fire at Comayagua.

In numerous shocking photos that were shown of the injured prisoners from the prison fire that broke out between the 15th and 16th February there was a familiar vehicle amongst the chaos for the volunteers of Go Help. Last summer Murray Johnson and Ryan Walker, Go Help charity team leaders, took two ambulances that had been donated by the American company AMR, they pulled together a group of people – many of which were strangers, and began an expedition that took them to Honduras.

Murray had arranged a partnership between Go Help and a local charity called Growers First who work in Central America and he took the advice of Growers First as to which hospitals in the region might need the ambulances the most. The first ambulance went to a woman’s maternity clinic in Siguatepeque, for women having critical need deliveries.

The second went to the hospital at Comayagua. In Comayagua the ambulance became the only one owned by the hospital that serves a city of roughly 80,000 people and a wider area. The hospital often has had to rent emergency vehicles to get them through difficult periods. Since the donation the ambulance has been in constant use, but this most recent event shows the critical need that was met by this charity project.

When Murray saw the news he said ‘I am proud to know that the work that involved by so many people is clearly going to a great purpose. I cannot express enough appreciation to the 2011 teams and everyone else involved for their help, generosity and support. You have touched countless lives.’

Go Help is planning to open up the event to more teams in summer 2012 and is looking to continue delivering ambulances to the region.


featured photo –  Team and hospital staff at Comayagua with ambulance


Notes for Editors

• Further information and quotes can be obtained from Murray Johnson on or Dave Griffiths tel: +1 646 469 3818 (US) or Ryan Walker (UK) at tel: 07920499755

• Ambulance can see seen working during the crisis in news report photos such as these:

About the Event and background
The MesoAmerica Rally (Journey through Lost Worlds) with Murray and Ryan left San Diego on 4th October 2011. The blog, including more photos can be found at the official website

About Go Help
• Go Help is a small UK registered charity that is committed to working with local communities in developing countries to improve their access to education and healthcare services.

• Go Help is a volunteer led charity, with over 30 volunteers, most of whom are under the age of 30 and has no full time staff or office in the UK.

• Go Help operates Charity Rallies, an event platform which fundraises for charitable projects in Mongolia,Tajikistan and Central America by challenging people to undertake incredible adventures. These include the Mongolia Charity Rally, Roof of the World Rally and MesoAmerica Rally, in which teams drive by any route they choose using vehicles of their choice, including ambulances, which are then donated by Go Help or used in its charity projects.

• More information can be found about Go Help and the charity does at


Rallies post launch press release




A 79 year old retired surgeon and eleven London Ambulance Service paramedics were some of over 50 ralliers who left Horse Guards Parade on the morning of 9 July 2011 to take part in two epic cross-continental charity fundraising drives.  The Mongolia Charity Rally finishes inUlaanbaatar,Mongoliaand the Roof of the World Rally which finishes inDushanbe,Tajikistanhave enabled organisers Go Help to raise over £500,000 for good causes to date.

Robert Scheneck, 79, is a retired hand surgeon, and his partner Norbert Urtel, 65 are driving an ambulance toMongolia.  Robert said ‘I had been volunteering as a hand surgeon in various parts of the world and was working inMongolialast October.  I’m doing the rally because it seemed like a challenge, and it’s for a good cause’.

A convoy of six decommissionedLondonambulances are also taking part in the Mongolia Charity Rally.  Paramedic Robin Smith, 34 is one of those taking part.  He said ‘London Ambulance Service will be raising funds for MERU, the Chief Executive’s nominated charity.  MERU supports disabled children inLondonand the South East.  This rally is a great opportunity for adventure.’

Jerry Aylmer, 37 is taking part in the Roof of the World Rally.  He said ‘I’m particularly looking forward to driving throughIranandTajikistanbut I’m not looking forward to the border checkpoints.  I’m delighted to be taking part in the Roof of the World Rally – 100% of the money raised will be going to charity.’

David Griffiths, a trustee of Go Help, said ‘These rallies are the ultimate test of our ralliers’ commitment to charity – not only are the undertaking an incredible expedition, they are also providing much needed aid at a time when it is in short supply.”

Over 30 teams are taking part in the two rallies this year.


Notes for Editors

  1. Go Help is a small UK charity that develops innovative fundraising events to fund sustainable health and education projects across Central Asia.  The Mongolia Charity Rally and the Roof of the World Rally are Go Help’s two major fundraising events.  Go Help has worked extensively with a number of partner charities, in particular Save the Children, as well as with government organisations inMongolia andTajikistan.
  2. This year, Go Help are working extensively with the London Ambulance Service.  11 LAS staff are taking part in a convoy of 6 decommissioned London ambulances.  The London Ambulance Service teams are raising funds for MERU, a small charity based in Epsom, Surrey, which supports disabled children inLondon and the South East by providing specialist equipment.  MERU is the London Ambulance Service Chief Executive’s nominated charity.
  3. The Mongolia Charity Rally involves teams driving from Central London toUlaanbaatar. The rally is approximately 10,000 miles and takes around 30 days.  This year, the Mongolia Charity Rally teams will be raising funds for the Go Help Ambulance Project, which that aims to provide fully functioning emergency ambulances to supplement those already provided by the health service in Mongolia.
  4. The Roof of the World Rally involves teams driving from Central London toDushanbe,Tajikistan. The rally is approximately 6000 miles, takes around three to four weeks and includes the second highest road in the world, the stunningPamir Highway.  This year, funds are being raised to support Sanitation in Schools initiative run by our partner charity, Save the Children.  This will bring much needed water and sanitation improvements to 100 schools in rural areas ofTajikistan.


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Mongolia and ROTW rally launch

Go Help’s launch of the 2011 Roof of the World and Mongolia Charity Rallies is scheduled for 10:30 on Saturday 9 July at Horse Guards Parade, London.

This year, the Mongolia Charity Rally teams will be raising funds for the Go Help Ambulance Project, which aims to provide fully functioning high quality emergency ambulances to supplement those already provided by the health service in Mongolia. Go Help has been working with the London Ambulance Service this year and will be sending off 11 London Ambulance Service staff undertaking the rally as part of a convoy of 6 decommissioned London ambulances.

The Roof of the World teams will be raising funds for the Sanitation in Schools initiative run by our partner charity, Save the Children in Tajikistan. This will bring much needed water and sanitation improvements to 100 schools in rural areas of Tajikistan.

The launch is your opportunity to meet our 2011 teams and give them the send off they deserve as they begin their epic trans-continental drives. Please RSPV to by the 5th July at the latest. We hope to see you there.