The Go Help Scholarships programme is aimed at students in Ulaanbaatar, from lower economic backgrounds that were struggling with the increasing tuition fees at universities. Go Help had already supported a student called Khalii through her accountancy degree for two years, and following on from that Go Help decided to increase the number of students we support, resulting in 7 scholarships last year.

Scholarship students


The students are from varying disciplines of study and all have basic conversational and written English. Their participation in GH and our projects have been immeasurable and enhance our objectives.

Their regular participation in volunteer activities at projects and their support around the office in UB have allowed GH to operate more efficiently and afford us the chance to expand our work and reach out to more projects. In return the students are able to study, rather than work part-time in an unregulated environment, and gain valuable experience, improving their English and their levels of professionalism. Each of our students have a role within GH and work towards improving their skills and giving back to the organisation and the local community.